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M e r c e d e s   are rumoured to plan bring out a 2-door convertible of the next generation S-Class, as an open top derivation of the coupe model. The next S-Class comes out in 2012, however the cabriolet will not be on sale before 2014, in case Stuttgart greenlight the car - 11th May **

B M W    are again thinking over establishing a 4-series. First model of this name could be 3-series-based 4-door coupe. But also the 2-door versions of the Three will possible get the new tag. Then only the sedan and the station wagon are named 3-series, similar to the 5 and the 6-series - 11th May * * *

M e r c e d e s   are considering a smaller sports car. It could base on the SLK platform. Stylistically it is going to feature some details of the SLS but there is one thing it won't certainly get: Gullwing doors. They will remain exclusive to the AMG SLS model, an insider says - 23rd April * * *

B M W   consider an M-model of their upcoming super car. Though it is intended to be powered by either a newly developed 4-cylinder turbo engine or the next M3's 6-cylinder motor, Munich aim at beating lap times of cars the likes of Mercedes SLS AMG and Audi R8 V10 with it - 23rd April * *

A s t o n    M a r t i n   will launch a Mercedes GL-class-based SUV under the traditional brand name Lagonda, as insiders confirm. The project was cancelled in the banking crises and is now soon to be greenlighted. Further models on the basis of Mercedes-Benz luxury cars could follow - 13th April * * *

The Number of gears will continue to increase. German company ZF Friedrichshafen are currently developing a 9-speed auto box. However, this could be the physical maximum. After that further improvements will relate to friction and mechanical details, and no longer to the number of gears.

P o r s c h e   want to ring a hybrid model of any of their model series. After the Cayenne and the Panamera, the two-door sports cars are intended to follow in the next years. Furthermore the engineers will optimise the conventional engines by mainly new turbo and combustion technologie - 13th April

R o l l s    R o y c e   plan to increase the number of dealers and branches to increase sales. Also new advertising campagnes are planned. The British luxury makers want to appeal younger customers by new media. They already have launched a FaceBook site and YouTube channel - 31st March * * *

A u d i    are planning to triple sales volume of their quattro GmbH. The company which are manufacturing evolution models, such as the RS models, and custom detailings, are also going to launch special editions focused on local markets such as China and Russia to achieve this aim - 31st March * * * *

P o r s c h e   will carry responsibility for the sports cars of the Volkswagen group, including those of Lamborghini and Bentley. Very first project is a mid-engine compact sports car model. Also for this car, Stuttgart are currently developing 4-cylinder boxer-type engines - 23rd March * * *

D a i m l e r   are going to make a decision concerning the future of the Maybach brand yet in this year. Furthermore CEO Herr Zetzsche already said that he wants the project to be continued. Next generation model is rumoured to be presented at year's IAA in the form of a concept - 23rd March * * *

M e r c e d e s   is likely to replace the R-Class by a E-Class-based crossover car. The model is going to feature a longer wheel base than the sedan, and a van-like greenhouse. Like the R-Class, it will be a 2 + 2 seater, while a third row of seats will be available as an option - 14th March * * *

R o l l s    R o y c e   will soon bring out bring an overworked Phantom series. At least first spyshots show a Coupe with a bigger front grille and smaller LED rear lights. But the 4-door is likely to get some updates too, since it is on sale since round than 10 years. Not very long for a Rolls, but long enough for refreshments - 14th March * * * *

H O T T E S T    N E W S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

L o t u s   have reportedly decided to top the Evora by a new super car. The vehicle could be labeled as Esprit - a name which had already been used for a sports car by Lotus. Since the Britisch car makers and Toyota are engine partners, Lexus' new V10 motor is rumoured to power the car * * * *

R o l l s    R o y c e   are currently not working on an SUV. But tradition allows them making even this sort of vehicle. That has been remarkably claimed, Rolls Royce CEO claimed in an interview of the German car magazine Auto Zeitung

P o r s c h e   consider replacing exterior mirrors by cameras and monitors, as an insider says. The first to get this feature could be the Panamera and the next generation 911, coming out in 2011. Even zoom and a swivelling objectives are reportedly under consideration - 4th March * * *

B e n t l e y   could possibly get back to Bugatti's 16-cylinder super motor, as Volkswagen CEO Herr Winterkorn has lately said in an interview of Germany's leading business magazine. This will most surely not be the case before the post-Veyron area, we assume * * *

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