Actually, the Boxster and the 996 [ previous 911 ] went down very well and the enthusiasts have already forgiven, and accept all adaptations to modern times today. Seen in that light, there was no urge for any steps back to the roots. Nonetheless, Porsche obviously attaches great importance to tradition, core values and authenticity. Thus it preserves its uniqueness, keeps the cars' personality distinctive and incomparable. Seen in this light, the investment on the supposed retrograde measures seems worth the money. What else could explain why Porsche buyers spend so much money on so less power. It's the myth and the spirit that make the sports cars from Suttgart-Zuffenhausen special and incomparable to all those cheaper and particularly even faster M3s, RS4s or a CLKs by AMG. Says, the new 997 is no fit of retro fashion but a matter of emphasising the unique nature of Porsche cars, beyond rational aspects.

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