The top-of-the range option regarding chassis includes sports springs, adjustable shock absorbers, aluminium spring plates, adjustable wishbones and stabilisers all around. The interior can also be adapted to so much sportiness.

Sports seats, pedals sets, foot rest, shift lever knob and last but not least an adjustable short shift lay in store. Equally comprehensive, the selection of braking kits. All include brake disks of a diameter of 380mm which requires 18 or 19 inch wheels, also obtainable at the Porsche specialist. The aerodynamics part range is not as extensive. But the streamline shape of the 911 is good enough ex works.

The following 9ff items can make it even better: Rear wing, side skirts, front spoiler and carbon mirrors. A stainless steel sports exhaust system including header takes the burned gases away and, burns even more money. Summing that all up, the 9f T1 called top model turns out not cheap.

Apart from 5980 for an exhaust system that meets German regulations, the same rate has to be transferred to become owner of the most expensive chassis kit. 42,900Euros costs the most powerful engine upgrade, 7900 the best braking system. Plus mounting and the interior parts, the German VAT and the price of the base car, German prospects have to transfer, at least, 182,787 to call an 9f T1 their own.

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