In contrast to the B&B Phaeton that we recently introduced here, this tuner's programme for the Golf Mk. V turns the car into a really stylish looking thing. The front apron shows that unmistak-
ably. With its large intakes, it follows the recent trend that goes to extremer optics - not quite as modest as at the end of the 1990's. Also the B&B wheels for the new Golf meets the latest demands. Possessing a high-grade steel coat, the alloy wheel has what the fans want: a shiny surface. The rear apron takes up the style of the front and gives, together with the 2-pipe sports silencer, a very clean but eye-catching appearance to the rear as well. Both bumpers plus two side skirts cost 1,778 Euros. The tyre/wheel combination as shown on the images above is 2,998. The respective specifications are 8,5x19 with 245/30-19.

To lower the body, which is optically unavoidable with large rims like that, B&B offers a thread suspension and wants 1,089Euros for it. By the way, including the promise of decent comfort leftover. As for the B&B Phaeton, two performance upgrades can be ordered to pep up the TDI engine. The first one makes the Golf delivering a power of 174hp for 798 Euros, the second one lets it generating further 26hp additionally, but costs hefty 4,998 Euros. In addition, the tuner also takes care for the deceleration rates of its fast TDIs. At the price of 3,298Euros, a sports brake system with 4-piston calipers and 342mm brake discs, is gettable at B&B Automobiltechnik. At the end of the item we don't want to conceal the only so far unmentioned price: the rear silencer is 498Euros.

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