With the G7 7.1 Highline, the German BMW tuner G-power presents its latest creation. The specs of the tuned 7-series impress very much. The claimed rates clearly say that G-power is amongst Germany's finest refiners. But, the company still have to reach the reputation of firms the likes of AC Schnitzer and Alpina, though it's actually no real newcomer. Despite of 20 years' experiences, in terms of image there's a lot left over to improve because the number of not totally satisfied customers is too high to play in the first league.

In contrast, the G-power designers have done a great job with the G7. They have designed a car of truly distinctive style and full of character. The aerodynamics parts give it those classiness the standard model regrettably lacks. It looks lofty and sporty at the same time, also thanks to its large rims. Regarding look, the big BMW is absolutely competitive, a worthy alternative to the offers of the establishment on the Bimmer tuning sector.

Yes, any specifications concerning G-power's tuned Seven are intentionally not here. Because, the added press text provides all detailed information and data. It is available via the menu beside the picture above, as well as one to a wallpaper which our designer has created as a fan of the G7 Highline's outfit. And even though customers of the Brunsbüttel-based firm possibly have to wait a little longer for the delivery or an awaited reaction to a reclamation, relishing the prospect of possessing a great looking car as the G7, we think, may be worth waiting time.

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