The elegant design was verified with a wind-tunnel test run in January 2004. With G-POWER’s aerodynamic package, the ascending force on the front axle could be reduced at high speeds by approximately 20 kg and on the rear axle by approximately 23 kg, depending on the fittings. Especially with the G-POWER supercharged engines, the fresh-air intake at the front of the car was increased, and the motor oil temperature was lowered by 3-5 degrees. The automotive designers developed the new HIGHLINE edge lines for the boot door in order to round off the overall visual image and give the new BMW design a harmonious finish.

G-POWER’s G7 HIGHLINE aerodynamic package is available as a complete set for 11,600.00 € and includes the front fender, graphite insets on the front, side trim, rear fender, graphite insets in the rear and the boot rack.

In connection with the new motorisation, G-POWER delivers IIIPRO aluminium wheels (9.0 x 22 inches on the front axle and 10.5 x 22 inches on the rear axle), specially developed for G7 styling. The three-piece, 15-spoked rims with a high-finish stainless steel outer base are made of forged aluminium and are available in 20, 21 or 22 inches for all BMW models. Concerning the size of the tyre set, 265/30 ZR 22 size was selected for the front axle and 295/25 ZR 22 for the rear axle. The complete set of tyres costs 9,800.00 €.

If you drive fast you need to be able to stop quickly, too. Therefore, G-POWER’s G7 is fitted with the tried and tested high performance braking system G-POWER S 85, with a diameter of 385 mm and six pistons on the front axle, at cost of 8,950.00 €. For the rear axle, G-POWER offers the S 55 six-piston system with a width of 355 mm, also for 8,950.00 €.

For improved comfort, the chassis was progressively lowered by 25 mm on the front axle and 20 mm on the rear axle. For a refined interior, G-POWER offers such exclusive accessories as an aluminium pedal with sporty footrest, a sporty graphite interior in a choice of black or white, and high-quality G-POWER Kjerba Walknappa leather fittings. The G-POWER leather fittings, which are crafted with the highest quality of workmanship, cost 14,600.00 € and can be delivered in any colour combination, upon customer request.

The complete price of the car is 214,000.00 €. Additional information about the entire G-POWER programme can be requested by calling 0 [+49] 4852/94009-0 or on the Internet at

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