Abt Sportsline from Kempten, Free State of Bavaria, shows the first photos of its refined Audi A6. Not surprisingly, the styling of the vehicle remains a matter of taste, also in Abt's dress. The revision does at least not turn something of the midsize Audi's controversial look to a generally more agreeable one. Taken measures covers the usual range such as front bumper and side skirts - of course two - as usual! The rear apron also meets the current demands. It has two cut-outs - each for two end pipes - which means suitable exhaust system components will certainly be in Abt's Audi A6 programme too.

Together with a flat but noticeable three-piece rear spoiler, it gives a more showy look to the backside. Contrary to the rear, the car's front modifications don't stick out. Also nothing new: the wheels. Abt's large monoblock rim matches the whole VW/Audi lineup very well - and so it also does it on Ingolstadt's latest vehicle. Up to now, we have heard nothing from the tuner regarding any technical refinements. Being fitted with engines also obtainable on the A4 or A8, the A6 can surly be upgraded with all motor mods offered for the other Audi models. See link below.

related link:  www.abt-sportsline.de

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