After B&B Automobiltechnik, also Abt Sportsline, the most renowned German Audi tuning company, offers its RS6 engine upgrade for the Quattro GmbH's latest edition of the super fast station wagon: the RS6 Plus.

In contrast to B&B, Abt contents itself with modifying the engine management thanks to which the original 480bhp power plant generates 505bhp now. That's not as powerful as the B&B conversion, just as the modifications are less through-going.

Nonetheless, the Audi from Abt doesn't need so many ponies to reach a torque rate equal to that of its competitor which cranks out the additional newton meters also by changed hardware. A very decent result! Who needs his car for everyday use is certainly right in taking the Abt option into account.

Also because that firm's alterations are regarded as well-engineered and highly reliable. And a top speed of 280km/ as well as a sprint time of 4.6sec to 100km/h are surly enough to shock Porsche Carrera drivers on the autobahn. To ensure sufficient deceleration, a sports braking system is available for the evo-Audi too.

Tyres of the name 255/30 R20 ContiSportContact2 mounted to 9x20inch wheels keep contact to the tarmac whilst an optional four-pipe exhaust system rids the combustion chambers of the exhaust gases, coming along with euphonious noises. No surprise, even more information are available at the official website:

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