As we saw Alfa's coupe GT on photos, we thought: wow. What a great car! As we saw it in the metal we mutated to dogs. Wow, wow and thrice wow! The Italian coupe looks absolutely stunning. The clean but extraordinary exterior is breathtaking, simple but beautiful, not to say simply beautiful. Hörmann is consequently right in leaving the car body of the GT untouched. Instead, many other things can be ordered. Here come the tuning programme of Hörmann for the Milanese 2-door beauty:

Wheels: 8 by 17 or 8 x 18 monoblock rims
Suspension Lowering: 30mm by means of shorter coil springs
Exhaust System: double end pipes of a diameter of 76mm
Engine Upgrade: performance increase from 110 to 150bhp for the 1.9 JTD 16V Multijet engine by chip tuning

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