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Two nice Alfas in autobahn suit [ dressed up by Hörmann Motorsport]

The world's best sports cars bear mainly Italian names. Ferrari, Lamborghini, and so on...! You know them. Alfa Romeo, the manufacturer of sportive passenger cars profits from their cars' alluring look but also their Italian origin. This had helped very much keeping the spirit of the brand alive as FIAT recklessly violated the noted make by producing soulless, poor automotive bulk commodities using the traditionally brand name.

Nowadays, Alfa cars have got their special soul back again. Nonetheless, there will be no harm in a few German improvements. The tuner Hörmann went on the look out for things to enhance and presents the results in the shape of the 156 GTA and the GT now. Just click the pics above to view the full article on the respective vehicle. For more information, visit the homepage of the tuner:

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