AMI 2004 - The Concept C Was Absence But Attracted Many Attentions

The 'Bild Zeitung', leading yellow press newspaper in town, announced Volkswagen's convertible study Concept C to be displayed at the AMI, but it wasn't shown. 'Auto Bild', biggest motoring magazine of the autobahn country - published by the same house - showed that study in its introducing item about the show as well. Very confusing! And so it came that many visitors were disappointed about its lacking. The information personnel at the stand said that VW was at no time intending to show the Concept C here, but refused any further statements regarding its absence. We weren't satisfied with that.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, we managed to get a commentary from Volkswagen spokesman Herr Schiebert. It turned out interesting! He said, VW does intentionally not display this convertible because its next presentation is being reserved for the 2005 Frankfurt IAA - as a production model! As we replied it obviously is a study conceived to introduce the new Volkswagen design of years to come which suggests itself to present it at the year's biggest auto show in Germany, he added that it isn't shown also to keep it something really new, to make impact at its world premiere.

From that we gather first, the Concept C is the announced VW convertible and second, it is certain to come exactly in this shape. Even though Volkswagen boss Herr Pischetsrieder recently said in an interview that it is going to look differently. But, we think, it surly is extremely close to the forthcoming production version, at least close enough to be kept out of public for almost two years! Means, modifications will certainly be minor ones. All in all, the VW stand did not offer something really new or interesting. Volkswagen's range can be seen at the dealers' show rooms. The lack of the convertible study has additionally been strengthening this impression.

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