AMI 2004 - Off Road Experience

Traditionally, the outdoor offroad track is one of the AMI's highlights. At this area, car manufacturers can demonstrate their car's off road qualities to visitors as passengers. Driven by professional drivers, this event offers an extreme and unique adventure. We deemed the good old G-class safe enough to drive ourselves through the course. At the beginning, a ramp of 40% side inclination was the first great experience of the forces of gravity but the Merc mastered it with ease, whereas we had problems to keep position in the seats.

At a following smaller hill, our driver passed another car on the track - some Asian SUV. After an upstairs section, another, more awe-inspiring, hill laid in store for us. Thanks to its uphill grade of 80%, it turned out as a ride into the clouds, at least it was the only visual impression we had upwards. As we arrived at the hill's top, an equally strange perspective met our eyes: where the hell is the way down? Couldn't see it but the off road Mercedes carried us down safely. Great thing, next year we will do it again - in any case!

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