AMI 2004 - Visitors Came From All Over The [mmh...?]

Being situated at the territory of the former German Democratic Republic, Leipzig was part of the Eastern Block and an important centre for the east-west trade. Economic conditions have changed but, the geographic advantages of the town in the heart of Europe remain existing. That's why also many people from those countries that joined the European Union on this year's 1. May know the Leipzig fair and came here to see the latest items of the western motor industry. We met one guy from the former Yugoslavia who has been travelling over 1,000 km just to find suitable tuning parts to refine his Peugeot 406 Coupe - ordinary vehicles he could see anywhere in the world, he said. One more time, visitors, statistics and occurrences show the uniqueness of the exhibition's meaning because it attracts people not attracted by any other auto show in Europe.

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