For half a year we proclaimed at the end of the contents page that our archive is under construction. In fact, it wasn't. It was under consideration only. The initial plan was easily realisable and so we rather focused on more important things. This became a problem as we decided to launch a registry sorted by issues instead. Because, it meant much more expenditures.

Okay, basically, there are no issues here - after all is a website and no print publication which is why updates and items are not released by fix dates. But each new 'cover story' is a visually obvious change in the site that we understand as a new issue, at least in the case of the archive.

The advantage is: thus, a few shorter pages are provided instead of one annoyingly very long list, and the works of our designer reappear, which hopefully emphasises that fast-zi-nation is intended to stick out of the car related websites' rest. The downside could possibly be that more clicks will be taken to go back to a report someone wanted to view again.

Additionally, it reveals that we adapt the site to the very recent situation, also ex post. But for newcomers, the archive could be an exciting retrospective trip through our magazine's history. But there is a clearer option conceivable: A databank or search engine-based one. In strict confidence, such a usual feature is also planned, but we rather avoid to proclaim a date, knowing we will have to revise it three times, or more.

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