Most obvious one is the new wheel named monoART1.

The round alloy piece possesses ten fat spokes and no

doubt, it's a simple yet eye-catching design that sticks out

of any alternatives. The rim is available for every current

Mercedes car, except the compact van A-class. It can be

ordered in 19inch but also with a diameter of 25.4mm more

or less. In other words, 18 and 20inch respectively.

To match the wheels' sporty look, chassis tuning and

aerodynamics parts complete the German Benz refiner's

range, for the SL, S or E-class, as well as almost each

other Mercedes car. In matters of interior, A_R_T offers

plenty of options. Besides the usual refinements in terms of

entertainment and business solutions, also more

innovative, particularly funky things are obtainable there.

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