Beautiful estate cars name Avant, says an advertisement slogan of Audi in Germany. And fast ones bear the same name, as Audi's RS line makes clear. Now, Abt Sportsline presents a further example of that tradition. By the use of the 2.7 litre bi turbo engine, the tuner has created its own concept of a super fast but presumingly very distinctive station wagon. Because, the remarkable high rate of yield hints to an extreme racy character of the vehicle's engine, as a power/ torque ratio of 4/5 indicates.

And the dark coloured wheels are not to everybody's taste too. Whereas guys who prefer pure street machines surly will fall for this car. No matter if the body is painted in red, as shown, or any other colour. After all it's Abt's great experiences in car racing that enable the impressive rates of the AS400 which are presented at our Specifications section. As usual, it is available at the menu at the upper right hand of this page. And of course, we provide another link to that site. Just click 'next' below this text.

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