The German public's reactions to the recent models with Audi's new single frame grille were differing and remarks on it cutting or praising, accordingly. The reader's responses in German motoring magazines mirrored this clearly. So we relished the prospect of each issue following one with photos of the new A6 and the A8 W12. Many remarks were worth a smile. Reading them brought much fun and so we decided to provide a selection of the most interesting, sarcastic and enthusiastic comments. Here they come:

"This cooler gorge reminds me not so much of the famous race cars, more of a fish scared to death."

"A wicked, wide-opened mouth. Could it be that Mr Bangle has changed to Audi?"

"Congratulations to Audi, the new A6 is a peach and the rear in style of the former A4 is really no disadvantage."

"Designers of this world, stop searching for the perfect shape. Audi has got it!"

"The car has a fine design, many thanks to Walter de Silva."

"I feel hot when I see that oven-face. Hope Audi also illuminates that thing!"

"The grille seems as a chromium enframed black hole, a blunder in taste and composition."

"Couldn't imagine that Mercedes' beautiful E-class can be surpassed, congratulations, Audi!"

"Is Audi so poor that it can't afford an Italian designer? There are numberless examples of how to make an aiding design."

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