When Bugatti chief Herr Bscher recently dropped a date for the Veyron's launch, the press of the autobahn country has been immediately starting to spread the news over the whole land. Some reported it in the shape of a short note, others with a touch of sarcastic doubts or spiteful commentaries. Such as the biggest motoring magazine here, AutoBild, that referred to the fact that this is the fifth date for the car's start, since late 2002.

The list of problems with the technology of the super fast luxury sports car once appeared as long as the distance between the opposite ends of the universe but the most recent reports indicate that it's now beginning to shorten to an finite length. The trouble with cooling, gear box and aerodynamics - just to mention a few generally known examples - seems to be solved now. Reportedly, the recent construction zone on the Veyron is/are the fuel pump/s.

A further interesting aspect is the number of received orders, because there are discrepant news. While some sources state the first year's production is sold out, other reports say about 50 orders so far. Annual capacity of the Bugatti plant is supposed to be six significantly higher. Also remarkable, the deposit of 300,000 Euro. Multiplied with the number of orders, the investment on the Bugatti bank is 15 Mio of Europe's single currency.

Actually this amount is nothing more than a drop in this world's oceans and those who consider a car of that price won't surly notice the deposit's lack in their accounts. Quite the opposite to millions of VW drivers that very much miss the money paid for repairing their inferior cars, since Volkswagen is burning means by focusing upon luxury vehicles, neglecting what they actually earn money with.

One day, when the Veyron runs reliably and has become an internationally well-respected car, the fast nation and fast-zi-nation will be very proud of this vehicle, on the condition VW manages to make the prices paid for that forgotten. And this takes quality that suits the price tags as well as the reputation required to sell cars the likes of a Phaeton, in noteworthy numbers - no matter whether the exotic racer is going to run 350 or 400kmh.

By the way, Wolfsburg says 370kmh and, also by the way, the Veyron is now scheduled for September 2005. Means, long before I can afford one. Really? It seems in this race VW has a fair chance to shape up as first, but the race isn't over when the Veyron has crossed the starting line but Volkswagen achieves producing decent vehicles. By then, I rather fall back on a used - but nicely refined - Mercedes, one from the good old days. After all the more recent ones also don't live up to what their name suggests, unfortunately.

Wish not only Bugatti but everybody out there a great start into the new year as well as a Merry Christmas

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