Now, it's time to come back to one of those issues constantly observes - at least until the car, the Bugatti Veyron, is ready to go. Thus, it unavoidably will come up here from time to time. In the last item on it we reported about the sad fact that Volkswagen has obviously put the cart before the horse by designing a nice shape at first, disregarding aerodynamics and engine cooling. As well as the last days' rumours are worth a short note at this place too. The German press says - still as always - Volkswagen is going to govern the car by an electronic limiter.

In contrast, we recently stated it would be the rear wing which thwarts higher speeds. Don't know who is right - we at least have heard what we said from the Bugatti boss Herr Bscher himself. Hard to say if it was just a white lie - unless you are an aerodynamics expert [ just contact us if you're one ]. Otherwise, time will show what the matter is. Also, we said, that a smaller model is intended to bring the money in it takes to reach breakeven as soon as possible....

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