But at that time, we've read nothing about it anywhere in the press. Now, concrete rumours circulate in international magazines. It seems safe that Volkswagen plans a smaller thing. But it remains unknown what it will be. A smaller vehicle underpinning Bentley GT Continental, Lambo Gallardo or Audi A8 platform? Or simply a Veyron with a less powerful engine only? Taking into account that the production start of the Veyron 16.4 is unclear at the moment, any predictions regarding a smaller car are certainly overhasty.

However the American auto magazine Road&Track dared to claim a fix date though: 2008. We won't go along with this but it's safe to say the Bugatti story will go on. Volkswagen reached the point of no return a long time ago because Wolfsburg talked big and will have to realise a record-breaking vehicle now, not only in matters of developing expense but also driving performance. Everything else would be an even more embarrassing affair. And, of course, Fast-zi-nation is going to keep at the concern.

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