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Two recent Alfa
Romeos redesigned
by Hörmann
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Shortly after the introduction of Giorgetto Giugiaro's concept car Alfa Romeo Brera, related lines in many auto magazine's news columns made the lovers of the Italian carmaker very sad. Because the editors reported that this prototype has no chance on getting realised, like so many great concepts before. By the way, also was amongst those who reported this bad news but we were wrong too, this time. It's true that there will be no additional model named Brera in the Alfa line-up but the good-looking coupe is going to appear on our roads as the new GTV. Means, this will be the successor of Alfa Romeo's wedge-shaped sports coupe of the 1990's.

And, as it was with the previous GTV, a topless roadster, named Spider, is going to complete the series. Although insiders say the car will visually be very close to Giugiaro's draft, it's safe that there will be modifications. Most magazines show a beheaded Brera with rims, mirrors and door handles of other Alfa Romeos. We don't want to make it that easy and dare to show an alternative sketch. Knowing the shapes of the forthcoming 157 and the refreshed face of the 147, we think the Brera is a bit too angular in the front to fit in the Alfa line-up. Especially because it's planned to be introduced very soon. Exactly, in 2005.

That's why we rounded a few angles of the headlamps as well as the upper air intakes, enlarged the typical triangular grille and redesigned the lower air inlets. That's to say, the picture above is just our idea of how it could look but presumingly it's as much speculative as the photoshops of other mags. Maybe we are wrong this time too and maybe you're an Alfisti who loves the original shape and hates this mutilations!?. Oh Sorry! But the shortened windscreen turned out inevitable, we thought. Forgive our designer for giving his fancy full scope - or take a few looks more at it. Perhaps you will fall for it in course of time too.

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