Brabus? Lorinser? Carlsson? Of all Mercedes tuners, no one's name sounds more German than that of Kleemann. Though the firm isn't from Germany but our neighbour Denmark. And our northern friends not only set Mercedes engines but also the Teutonic Benz tuners forcefully under pressure . Because, thanks to its experiences regarding supercharger refitting, the company creates remarkably powerful engines. Starting this kind of motor upgrading in 1988, Kleemann has gained extensive know-how on this sector. After problems in the earlier days, today's products are obviously masterly conversions, as tests turned out.

With the CL 60, the Danes mainly give prove of their skills on another field: the modification of electronic control units. Besides the black box of the CL's bi-turbo V12 engine, also that of the gear box is modified to meet the motto of the tuner: 'Comfort Power'. This also refers to the control programme of the Mercedes Benz Active Body Suspension. A specially developed control module lowers the body of the luxury coupe from the German auto maker and gives it an even sportier look. Just as a few hardware changes. To fill out the wheel houses, Kleemann offers rims ranging from 18 to 20 inch, as an example. Also a front spoiler can be ordered at the Danish company.

In addition to a nicer countenance, it too enables - thanks to integrated air inlets - a better cooling of the brake discs. And because cooling in itself has no decelerating effect, larger brakes cause higher friction rates and a better deceleration of the fast CL. As technical data say [see link above], Kleemann is absolutely competitive or sets standards. The only obvious deficiency still is the brand awareness. At long last, we think, this will change, certainly. After all Mercedes Benz, or rather AMG, is going to focus upon revvy aspiration engines instead of charged ones in future which will enable Kleemann to take more advantage of what they are experts at: attaching superchargers.

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Over 600hp are
enough for the CL60
to sprint in round
4 seconds to 100km/h.
More specs come
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