Most notable thing with the CM55 K - the SLK of the German tuner Carlsson from the federal state Saarland, near France - is that there's not much that meets the eye. Except, the very noble multi spoke wheels.

Apart from these fine rims, it looks like a standard AMG SLK even though a complete aerodynamics kit is mounted on it. So it doesn't appear as what it really is: a powerful enhancement of AMG's construction. And considering the great reputation of the German tuner, it may said to be a thoroughly done revision of the Mercedes roadster.

Thus, it surly is an offer for guys who rather invest their money on reliable state-of-the-art technology than any showy items. Only the rear view is a less restraining exception here. The apron and the 4 end-pipes is something flashy and very much to the current fashion. But, it goes well with the sporty AMG outfit of the car.

As usual with this new format of articles on tuning cars, we here present all technical specifications and details via the full press text and provide a wallpaper too. Both is available at the menu beside the picture above.

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