The Volkswagen division SEAT was considered to serve those who want cars of sporty personality and emotive design , basically. That was why Wolfsburg has defined Alfa Romeo as main rival for its Spanish sister company. However that intention turned out unachievable for many years. Because, cult and myth isn't creatable and the concern obviously takes exactly that. Nonetheless, the German strategists have learned from the past. SEAT won't tackle Alfa directly in the future, rather it fills up niches that can't be occupied by the Italian car maker without running the risk of clashing with its tradition.

So, the Spanish make is currently about taking advantage of this idea by launching cars of progressive conceptions, such as the sporty compact van Altea, for instance. Thanks to stylistic distinction given by Walter de Silva, [ formerly Alfa Romoe styling boss ] this second attempt could lead to a gerater success. Suspension technology specialist Eibach now presents a remarkable Altea project car. Lots of interesting styling details by the company itself as well as other noted project partners add further zest to the Spanish midsize car. We here have attached the decisive sections of the press text to provide detailed information.

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The racy Altea
as a wallpaper
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