Thanks to a fresh, new design and innovative details, Volvo cars are becoming increasingly popular in Germany - after a few bad years. The native Volvo tuners welcome that trend and offer lots of interesting things for the Scandinavian vehicles. The tuner Heico Sportiv now introduces its range for the new series S40/V50. The big wheels surly meet the eye at first.

The exact specifications are: 225/40 for the tyres and 8x18 for the wheels. The front spoiler sticks out but it does pleasantly not make the Swedish car appearing aggressive. Thus the mid-class Volvo's front still remembers us of a cute dolphin's face, presumingly because of its pronounced nose, means radiator grille. At the rear, the double-endpipe exhaust system attracts the attentions and make clear, this Volvo is more than a boring family car.

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