Who wants a little less, can optionally order an exhaust system with only one endpipe. 30mm shorter coil springs emphasise the sportive appearance of the Swedish midsize car. To live up to what the sportive exterior suggests, Heico has two engine-upgrades for turbo charged engines available. The T5 models can be upgraded by 30bhp, the 2.0 litre diesel motor will perform 33bhp more after the treatment.

For the interior, the German firm serves aluminium: door pins, pedals and the footrest can be replaced by parts made of this material. Also entrance trims are gettable but, these things are from stainless steel, of course - aluminium wouldn't be suitable at this place. All in all the S40/V50 gains much attractiveness thanks to the conversions of the Vovlo specialists of Heico Sportiv. Nice car! Isn't it? More info are here: www.heicosportiv.de

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