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Hamann Motorsport, a tuner that specialises in modifying a good few fine brands - amongst them Ferrari and Range Rover - now presents an optically refined and boosted 5-series based on the model 545i. Besides a set of distinctive alloys and an aerodynamics kit, also shorter springs are fitted to the black sports sedan. Thanks to the HM 5.2 engine, the mid size Beemer achieves a decent sports car's performance - also in terms of deceleration, as a result of an upgraded braking system.

Additionally, a few interior mods not only provide a touch of motor sport inside but also hint to the vehicle's origin. Taking look and technical data into account, the BMW HM 5.2 should be considered by guys who want it not as uncompromising sporty as an M5 but more stylish and less conservative than the forthcoming E60 by Alpina presumingly will be. More info on the car, a larger version of the image and a link to the German tuner's website is available beside the picture above.

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