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HAMANN MOTORSPORT means high-performance, pioneering conversions when you’re dealing with luxurious BMW models. The latest project from Laupheim, Germany’s BMW specialists is the 545i-based HAMANN BMW HM 5.2, a powerful designer item that impresses with its distinctive, high-performance specs.

HAMANN engineers specially developed a displacement motor for the HM 5.2 that delivers an impressive 412 hp at 6,100 RPM’s. The 5156 ccm aggregate boasts maximum torque of 550 Nm at 3,900 RPM’s. Compared to the 545i stock model, this represents an increase of around 80 hp and 100 Nm, enabling the HAMANN model to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 5.2 seconds and to hit a fabulous top speed of 286 km/h (178 mph).

In order to most effectively transfer the HAMANN BMW HM 5.2’s power to the street and to guarantee the maximum in driving dynamics, four progressive sport springs have been installed, lowering the chassis of this Bavarian 5-model closer to the ground by some 40 millimeters at the front and 20 millimeters at the back. And along with the visible optical improvement, the handling also gets a boost, allowing the car to react with greater steering precision and translating quick direction changes into pure driving pleasure.

Due to its increased performance, the HM 5.2 requires a powerful, uncompromising braking system. The experienced HAMANN BMW specialists have developed a sport brake system with 365x34 millimeter slotted, internally-ventilated brake discs and eight piston fixed yokes in red. In addition, the HAMANN special brake linings and the HAMANN flexible steel brake lines ensure stopping virtually ‘on a dime’.

In accordance with the technical modifications, the HAMANN BMW HM 5.2 is also presented in an optically distinctive design. The low front apron with its integrated ellipsoid fog lights stresses the sporty nature of this HAMANN version. The broad side-skirts have an equally dynamic visual appeal, emphasizing the lines of the showroom model. At the rear, the first eye-catcher is the tastefully designed spoiler. This is complemented by the muscular-looking rear apron attachment, including a diffuser and integrated quad-exhaust pipe sport mufflers. They guarantee the optimum airflow and a fat, sonorous sound. This aerodynamic program is rounded off with a handsome roof spoiler.

The interior, completely lined in carbon, embodies a pure motor sport feeling. The comfortable sport steering wheel, aluminum pedals and the aluminum foot supports reinforce this impression and make footwork a joy. In keeping with the sporty concept, the emergency brake lever is also made of the same material. The interior concept is completed with the black foot mats bearing the HAMANN logo in silver, which can even be illuminated upon request.

The 545i-based BMW HM 5.2 convinces with its impressive performance and distinctive aerodynamic components. Simply put, this is one powerful designer item from the HAMANN BMW specialists.

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