The Range Rover is right on several occasions. It's suitable to carry nearly all kinds of equipment to almost every conceivable place where a hobby can be practiced. Additionally, the British all-rounder is proper to tow a trailer and appropriate to go to the opera - without the trailer, of course! Also, it has a decent reputation all over the world. In the United States Of America, it seems to be a must have car for millionaires and even in Europe, where the acceptance of SUVs is a bit lower, it's accepted as a business vehicle. Thus it promises great deals for the tuning companies.

The programme of the Swabian enobler Hamann Motorpsort turns the Landy into a fine, extraordinary but not flashy car. A front spoiler is available there as well as two front bars that possibly even meet the latest, very strict European directions for pedestrian protection. Furthermore, sill tubes, wider wings, roof spoiler, large rear apron and an exhaust system with four tailpipes underlines the distinctive look of the Range Rover by Hamann. Just as a set of multi-piece wheels that measure mighty 22inch.

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