To accelerate the vehicle's mass of roughly 2.5 tones, the tuner provides a 5.2 litre V8 performance engine, as it calls this power plant. This is surly not overstated, in view of the power of 385 horses. The rate is reached when the crank shaft rotates 5800 times per minute. At 1800 rotations less, means 4000 rpm, it transmits the maximum torque of 540Nm to the propeller shafts. Thanks to all that, the SUV sprints from a standstill to 100km/h in 8 seconds whilst wind forces stops the acceleration of the Hamann Landy when it runs round 230 kilometers per hour.

Inside the car, Hamann presents fine but not so British detail. Carbon parts replaces the usual wood trim. The rest is made from a traditional material, high-quality leather, whereas Alcantara covers the lower side of the roof. But that's not the only highlight here. A large 12 inch LCD monitor catches the eye and entertains the passengers whilst a DVD changer supplies the data for that thing. Together with foldable tables mounted to the backsides of the front seats, they enable the car's back to be a work place, if necessary. Another highlight is literally none. The illuminated sill tubes, door sill strips and floor mats in a subdued blue constitute lower lights but, looks surly great.

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