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Inden Design is not as well known as other names in the tuning industry but the dark horse sets very bright highlights too. Cultivating the German Style, the tuner creates fine compositions of nice details and interesting solutions, as the new CLS of the firm also points out. This is our detailed report on the car. But let us begin with a few words on this Benz, the most unusual automobile of the present, besides the Mazda RX8. What we show here may be impressive, perhaps, but it ain't the same you can see at the Mercedes Benz dealer.

Photos might be capable to present a two-dimensional copy of a thing but not at any rate to reproduce the impression you have when facing the original. This is definitely the case with the Mercedes CLS. It's flat roof-line meets the eye also on pictures but in the metal, this Benz rather raises associations with the super flat Lambo Contach, than any GT coupe. Regarding the Brabus' CLS we mentioned that its fat 20inch rims emphasise the body's unusual proportions - what we didn't infer from the press photos, we have seen exactly this combination life, and were very much amazed about it.

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