If you see the real car, you comprehend the niche in the market much better as well as it is getting clearer at the same time why it's safe to become a favourable tuning object.

Inden Design, a company that specialises in realising tuning dreams on Mercedes and Ferrari cars, has mounted a fine selection of expensive tuning parts to the E-class-based Mercedes sports sedan and is that way providing a further example of how great this thing can look.

Besides BBS Le Mans 19inch alloys whose optional shiny surface goes very well with the dark paint of the elegant car body, a specially-developed module lowers the car's air suspension by 50mm, in this case.

Individual settings can naturally be realised as well. The 10inch wide rims at the front axle are covered by tyres measuring 255mm in width and 30 percent of it in height, whereas the specifications for rear axle's wheels remarkably are 11, 305 and 25 respectively.

For that combination, the wheel houses have to be modified, which is a job of two days but none that injures the vehicle's paint. Another work of the team of Inden Design is the exhaust system's rear section, available with both two and four end pipes.

Latter remains very much a matter of taste, but is anyway an eye-catcher. Altogether, this dark one here may said to be a well rounded work. It is a very sporty, but at the same time the most noble CLS-class ever seen. And, as we said, a further proof of what great things can be done with that exotic E-class derivate.

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