Yes, this is the third item about the CLS on the Tuning News section and the fourth in our whole magazine. But, don't get us wrong, it's not only a result of personal preferences but also an evidence of the great importance we attach to this unusual vehicle in the luxurious sports cars' world. And so this item doesn't end up here. Besides the picture below, that is also gettable in a larger size, the great interior of the CLS should not be withhold.

Because, the CLS exhibition car of Inden is inside as comprehensively redesigned as the exterior. Including the dashboard, the interior parts are covered with various kinds of bright brown leather whereas headliner and columns are wrapped up in Alcantara of the same shade. In difference to that, the wood trim of the dash contrasts to the rest's bright tone. Here, the German tuner has opted for a black paintwork in piano style, an option that looks cool and modern but ain't easy to clean after all.


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