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Infinitas is surly the newcomer of the year in the German tuning business. At least by medial presence. Even TV magazines have been introducing the latest car of the company from the Free State of Bavaria. But objectively, there is nothing unusual, surprising or shocking with the introduced Z4.

By means of a supercharger, the BMW's 3.0 litre in-line 6-cylinder motor performs 285 instead of 230bhp. That's no record-breaking number but the price is nice: 4489 Euros for a Kompressorbausatz, as a supercharger kit is named here, is truly reasonable - even though the power increase does not take one's breath.

On the other hand, 370bhp are gettable also - at the price of 12,410 Euros, plus installation. Then, there are naturally some more changes than the charger kit. For instance, an adapted exhaust system. And this is not the end of the scale. 400 horses can be ordered on special request. Further, through-going, changes of the engine will be done here.

The press already introduced the SK plus called kit as an appropriate substitute to the lacking M model of the line. Even though it only pushes the Z4 up to 285bhp. Possibly Infinitas smartly avoids new tuners' wide-spread habit of promising rates they finally cannot live up to and rather understates specifications a tad.

Also, the tuner is said to go to a great extend to make their conversions reliably running. Thus, the Infinitas Z4 with the SK Plus kit is nothing spectacular but makes its manufacturer one of the most promising followers of the respectable establishment in this business. Time will show more and, Fast-zi-nation is going to observe activities and products of this firm in the future too, of course.

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