Currently, a new automotive subculture is emerging in big towns. Cars the likes of Smart and Mini become more and more accepted, besides the established brands, to go to a business meeting. The reasons are admittedly clear. Short length and agile handling make them ideal vehicles for the big city traffic, and parking. And because of their origins, they may even park next to big Benzes and Bimmers in exclusive executive car parks.

But when size matters and money don't, the urge for individuality and luxury comes immediately up. Concerning Mini refining, BMW tuners fulfil wishes like that. In matters of Smart conditioning, the manufacturer itself offers the creations of Brabus as a solution. That's all!? No! It isn't! May we introduce Michalak Design? Preferring a flashier way than Brabus, the German tuner concerns with jazzing up the automotive dwarfs from the big Mercedes Benz Car Group as well.

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