But, Michalak Design turns the Smart minis into really racy machines. The range of the tuner excels in a wide variety of nice add-on parts: eyebrow spoilers, grille inserts, headlamps, mirror covers and a bunch of interior parts are obtainable, just to mention a few examples. No matter what style is preferred, Michalack's programme is extensive enough to offer something to somebody's taste. Despite of this multifaceted assortment, the tuner mainly presents its creations in a flashy fashion.

Not at all costs they are suitable - in this style - to go to a business meeting unless you are an artist, advertiser or adventure event organiser. Nonetheless, the Smart tuner offers remarkable items and maybe we will see some of its nice ideas also on the big cities' business runabouts one fine day. To enable that, we here provide the link to the company's official page: michalak-design.de

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