Already at the first meters, leaving the Kleemann headquarters at Farum near Copenhagen, the K3 has made great impression, as its throttle was gently stroked. Not by accelerating but a fine, hoarse sound. The exhaust system generated splendid noises, a tune to get addicted to. And that's merely the acoustic aspect of that thing. Possessing two end-pipes only, this E-class' rear end seems not so embarrassing demonstrative as the original AMG solution with its showy quartet endings. Very good! Especially because it has amazing 143 bhp more than the basis' 476bhp.

As Kleemann states, their shape echos the frame of the Mercedes radiator grille. Mh, you don't get it? Right! Just imagine it up side down! But it's true that this form is not so new and maybe the explanation is more an interpretation than this detail was really inspired by that. It doesn't matter, an option against the common 4-pipe trend remains very remarkable, all the more it sounds as powerful symphonic as this one. Nice surprise, the K3 reaches full score already on this field even though it was, first of all, expected to impress by accelerating. After all the two bhp rates mentioned above amount to 610 - a level usually only being reached by true super sports cars!

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