And indeed, at full throttle application, the pepped up AMG Benz accelerates as if it would be hit by a Cruise Missiles. From a stand still to 60km/h, for instance to cross a road junction, the term acceleration may said to be inappropriate. It should be renamed to snip forward

The car leaps over the crossing road like a cat that attacks prey. Circumscriptions that meet this feeling are hard to find. On Denmark's autobahns - where the speed limit is 130km/h or lower - cars shrink in the rear view mirrors as if they would run backwards That sucks, literally!

It's a very outlandish vision: At full throttle, it seems an invisible gravity field somewhere behind you sucks traffic from the tarmac. Whereas, the pressure of the seat in the back makes clear, it's an illusion - it's just the Danish Ferrari killer. Means, massage seats are absolutely unnecessary here. If there's an annoying itching in the back, just push the accelerator.

And the Kleemann K3 is able to do even more pleasing things. It pulls the creases out of ones face, presumingly. In any event, only as long as it pushes forward. Consequently the skin rejuvenation lasts for a few seconds only. Because, the 200km/h mark is reached within 11.8, for instance. Gathering the speed to cover 100 kilometers in one hour takes only four seconds - when the traction control is on.

This thing is unique to Kleemann as well. The Scandinavian tuner says its Limited Slip Differential gives an edge of 0.3 seconds to a sprint to 100km/h. Naturally, a test drive cannot prove this particular effect, but can show that the LSD works and, it does. There was no noticeable wheels spin. Doubtlessly, a vehicle of over 600bhp would scream for grip when a decent traction control is missing.

Apart from pure sprint qualities, the E-class might also be comprehended as a touring car which raises the question for engine flexibility. Please, don't expect any test impressions regarding this. The motor generates a torque of 835Nm. That is more than any road-legal Ferrari produces, including the all-out Enzo!

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