Above all, the record rate is delivered from 2000rpm, spread over nearly the rest of the rev range. For all who need a translation of this: there is always a plenty of power, enough to overtake when ever you want, who ever you want. And despite this performance in abundance, the car does necessarily not behave as a tricky super sportscar. Thanks to all electronic gadgets on board, adapted to the increased power, it's always comfortable, compliant and easy to drive. It even could be handed out to grandma to make a purchase. No worry about car sickness. Cruising through Veadbak, Denmark's Beverly Hills, the actually extreme Merc demonstrated very good manners.

Merely the stunning exhaust noise from the rear hinted that this thing is amongst the fastest cars in existence. It always felt as a real Benz. That says it for the quality of the base product, but chiefly Kleemann's accomplished modifications. Remarkable as well, the brake response. The system by the Danish specialist possesses larger discs, 380mm at the front and 328mm at the rear. Thus, sufficient friction rates are ensured but nevertheless, the brakes are surprisingly easy to dose. Better than that of a standard VW Golf. Also this makes clear, the Kleemann E-class can be, if necessary, as tame as its brothers with the taxi signs at their roofs.

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