On the other hand, by performance, only super sports cars the likes of one Lamborghini Murcielago or Dodge/Chrysler Viper may be compared to this rocket. It can change to what you want it to be: Either a sports car to have fun with or a comfortable 4-door family sedan. Also, it's not too showy in style so it could even be used as a business car.

Seriously, Kleemann doesn't talk too big with its subtitle Comfort Power. The K3 appears as a perfect symbiosis of both and this captivates most, perhaps even more than its power alone, though this truly is amongst the extremest that money can buy.

The downside is, calling an E55 K3 - as tested - one's own, presupposes means and will to reduce one's bank account by roughly 90,000 Euros for an AMG E-class and additionally round 80,000 which Kleemann wants for the conversions.

That include performance kit, wheels and tyres, aerodynamics parts, suspension mods, enhanced braking system but also small and equally fine details such as velours mats, leather steering wheel, entrance panels, a speedometer ending at 330km/h and last but not least a set of K-logos to show where the speedy mid-size Merc was refined.

A discussable issue is that Kleemann offers no warranty. Many German tuners do. There are different standing points and arguments - is the guarantee's lack a flaw or just upright? No judgement here, because fast-zi-nation.de is going to deal with this concern in a separate article soon. One thing is clear, Kleemann goes to a great extend. The Danes know that they cannot afford any shortages which would point out a Brabus or a Carlsson Mercedes would be a better choice.

In this test, nothing that hints to this came to light. The E55 K3 has made great impression. But, one thing is still missing somehow: A Direct Gear Shift box - as it's offered by VW and Audi. Right, it's no problem specific to Kleemann but Mercedes. On a car as exceeding and perfect as the K3, this ingenious invention's lack appears by far more annoying than on an average diesel, of course.

In fact, the immense performance compensates losses caused by subjectively annoying powerflow inter-
ruptions at any rate. Means, owning a K3 would offer perfect motoring bliss because, there was absolutely no desire for more of anything during this test.

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