Kleemann was founded by two Mercedes enthusiasts in 1985. Already three years later, the Benz refiner arrived at the conclusion that only superchargers would offer the potential for exceptional performance. And so they started their developments on this sector, long before Mercedes Benz, respectively AMG, came out with their own compressor solutions. Meanwhile patents and two world records underline the experiences of the Kleemann engineers, as well as the enormous power of their cars.

The company's headquarters at Farum, near Denmark's capital Copenhagen, is surprisingly smaller than the achievements suggest. Small but fine. Most Mercedes dealers in Germany are bigger but many average workshops are not as valuable as Kleemann's scrap bin. Because, there are dozens of original Mercedes or AMG parts that have to be replaced to create tuning cars like theirs. And Kleemann is no spare part reseller, which is why all that fine leftover ends up at the dump or in the furnace.

Sales volume is relatively low - in comparison to the big names of the branch - although the cars are available all around the globe. But the Danes don't consider it as being unconditionally disadvantageous. That way their conversions remain an exclusive option to the Benz tuning brands from Germany, a rare appearance even in this world's high-society neighbourhoods.

Only the more prestigious Mercedes cars with, at least six cylinder engines, get the Danish treatment. Either they already have a standard supercharger or the Scandinavian air squeezers mounts their own thing on them. Means, no aspiration engines by Kleemann but, diesel tuning is also available. Currently under development: Tuning for the new SLK, as the photo shows. And, in the headquarters' underground development workshop is currently another highlight in preparation: an improved, more practical type scissor doors for the SL.

The current programme of the tuner comes here - by the way, the website will also be revised soon: www.kleemann.dk

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