Actually we use a VW Bora [ Jetta MkIV in the US ] for trips like this one to Denmark. But the car not only has the typical faults in construction but further flaws, too. Yes, it is already 5 years old but nonetheless, we wanted Volkswagen to pay for the expenses caused by defective design. After all the 'car' maker pretends to offer obligingness in cases like that. Only problem, it refuses to take note of cases like that.

Complaints at the VW dealer and an agreement with Volkswagen turned out absolutely worthless, they couldn't remember of it shortly after. A letter of complaint was replied by a standard answer, not responding to details. At a phone call we learned that Wolfsburg has nothing heard of the most things mentioned in our mail and that our dealer will take care for the car. That's all, and then, the line was cut. Stupidly, Volkswagen has relayed our documents to the wrong dealer, obviously because our letter wasn't read completely.

Refusing to invest even more on that heap, Luzz, our managing editor had to fall back on his private city cruiser, a 1990 70bhp VW Jetta MkII. Means, the oldy - nicknamed: Gustav - had to go the long way to Scandinavia and back. And the hobby car did it reliably on its fat Porsche Turbo wheels. Yes, it was manufactured at a time as VW still made real quality products. But, back in Germany, unfortunately a few irregularities came up with its engine and so it had to be disassembled. On this occasion, a tiny crack in a valve came to light - presumingly a result of round 500km top speed on the German autobahn. Just have repaired it, we know it's worth it!

Gustav will run - after the revision - further 190,000km, for sure. In contrast to our Bora - which will probably be broken down long before it has reached this mileage, this jalopy even isn't worth a name. Shame about Volkswagen. Ignoring complaints is a common tactic of Wolfsburg. Thanks to miserable guarantee conditions here in Germany, they managed to keep reclamation budget low for a long time. But, as a result of inferior quality the image of Volkswagen is already tattered in Germany. Fatal is, Wolfsburg will probably need a decade to notice that it can't afford this policy any longer. The bottom line: Don't buy a Volkswagen - unless it is, at least, 10 years old and you can repair it by yourself.

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