What we attempted with fast-zi-nation.de right from the start was being an outstanding publication. In order to achieve this, we not only paid attention to high-quality graphic design but also unusual reports, commentaries from particularly unseen perspectives and painstakingly investigated stories. Not everything ran smooth but, we have reached lots of our aims. Whereas, one thing that didn't work as we wanted it to: Test reports.

Of course, we here intend to present something unusual too. But our readers' interest in the Autobahn high-speed test of the Saab Aero on the autobahns around Leipzig was by far lower than expected which was why we decided to think over the category. Meanwhile we have driven many cars. Such as the Jaguar S-Type [ poor V6, not user-friendly but great ambience], the Mazda RX8 [ fast but sounds better ], the Chrysler Crossfire [ stunning sound as well ] or the brand new SLK [ perfect car but no real roadster ].

All that were not things we deemed worth mentioned at fast-zi-nation.de, not only because a few weren't European cars, in which we still specialise. With Kleemann's offer for a test drive, we sensed the chance on producing something that could attract more interest. Already its technical data suggest remarkable experiences to report about. And so fast-zi-nation.de went to an immense extend - in efforts, time but chiefly money - went to Scandinavia and made the item on this fabulous car.

Thanks to this, we now are able to provide a test of a car of the 600bhp-class. Are we the first online magazine to present a report like that? We don't know. Yes, of course, this is also about leaving competitiors behind, but the main focus is you. Only your interest could make other tests worth the efforts. Okay, our website's stats will let us know but, we would be very much delighted of learning more, receiving comprehensive commentaries and critics on that, or the entire magazine, by those we make it for: You, our reader!

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