Volkswagen designed a nice exterior at first, only for show. Then they started to put all necessary technology in it and the first trouble came up: the engine compartment was a tad too narrow. But the main problem is the the body shape of the Veyron. The designers didn't ask aerodynamics specialists, regardless of the fact that they knew how fast this thing was intended to run one day. Now, the car turns out too short and its rear too much rounded to produce enough downforce at high speed. Audi already had exactly that problem with the TT. Oh my god! That's truly an embarrassing thing, after all Audi belongs to the VW group. So they should have been aware of this problematic. Now, they fall back on the same remedy: a rear spoiler, possibly two.

Producing downforce of round 500kg, it stabilises the driving behaviour, but unfortunately at the expense of top speed. This measure is said to reduce it by about 30km/h. Sh** happens! The Swedes know how to make a fast-running super car. They simply designed a form- follows-function body and are faster now. By the way, it doesn't look bad, we like it more than the strange Veyron. Okay, Bugatti states it has to meet highest Volkswagen standards without any compromises. On the other hand, we don't expect Koenigsegg to make a dangerous vehicle. And, that's not a thing. The point is Volkswagen paid much attention to a forgotten brand name's revival, ignoring decisive technical details linked up to each other. But it just takes more than a great look. What a pity! Now, Wolfsburg stands there with a big [Koenigs]egg on its face.

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