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Its two-tone paint is not only one of those features that meet a Lancia's character very well but one that was conceived by Stefan Schulze from the very start of this project. Thus, it really has nothing to do with the latest idea of Lancia: A special edition of the Thesis, featuring a body paint of two tones, which was introduced shortly before this article's launch. This paintwork adds further zest but won't presumingly rise the Thesis' sales, it just lacks the great shape of this one here after all. Together with the chromium grille, the shimmering filigree wheels in the typical Lancia-style contrast to the dark paint and set further optical highlights on the car body.

Just as chrome frames around the rear lamps. The centred position of the exhaust system's endpipe indicates that it could be more than a necessary detail. Being an important part of the rear-end's design, it could be suitable to suggest that technology is - as it was in the rally sports era of Lancia - an influential feature of the brand's personality again. Don't know if this interpretation meets the intention of Stefan Schulze but the idea would do good to the luxury car maker from Italy. Seen from this point of view, the most ideal name would have been 'Symbiosis'. Naming it was our job, we eventually decided for 'Kudos', since it's short and just clearly points out what this concept aims at.

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