The first image we have seen of this great car raised enthusiasm. But it has changed a bit as we've got further pics of it. At the front view, the nose of the car appeared somehow very different to the impression we had first.

To our taste, the grille seemed too coarse [A1], especially for a Lancia. Also, we were of the opinion that the wide vertical slats don't match with the filigree wheel spokes whose shiny chrome contrasts as striking to the claret paint of the body as the grille itself.

At a phone call, the matter was debated and Stefan Schulze conceded to check alternatives, whereas we also drafted some. Nonetheless, the team wanted the car to be a real 'Schulze', which was why we comprehended them as suggestions only.

The favourite draft here was the one shown as A2 which is maybe a tad too retrospective in its style. Herr Schulze's final version with the smaller bars [A3] looks also very good, much better than the first design, we think.

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