As well, the rear lights were amongst those details under discussion at this phone call. The initial draft [B1] looked absolutely stunning but with the monochrome lights, the rear end appeared very much as that of a Jaguar, as Herr Schulze deemed, and we agreed.

Therefore lots of options were suggested from our side, designed via image editing. Most of us preferred the version with an orange cluster and one of frosted glass [B2], as on the Opel/Vauxhall Astra.

Because, this composition was considered to meet the unusual personality of a Lancia very well. Stefan Schulze finally opted for a less innovative red-black combination [B3] but fell back on our vertical partition, which has pleased us extremely.

The same for the shape of the end-pipes. The designer wasn't sure about his first draft [B1] and contemplated a more elegant variant. The proposal from us was a flatter shape with a concave lower edge [B2] In the end, a mixture of the first drawing and our proposals was taken [B3].

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