Regarding Lamborghini's future plans, information are rare. There a plenty of rumours but less certain facts. Relatively safe is that there are crank shafts of more powerful Gallardo V10 engines that do their rounds on the test rigs in Germany and Italy. Rates of over 600hp seem no problem and certain to come in a few years. This also raises the question what will happen with the Murcielago. Its current V12 generates 550hp but a 600hp Gallardo would force the Italians to upgrade the power of their biggest model as well. For that, the 1001hp Bugatti engine does not come into question, in contrast to specs of about 700hp.

On the other hand, all these measures on the engine side are going to come later. Before, we surly will see evolutions of current Lambo models. Roadsters for instance. Despite that designation, they will surly be cars in targa-style. Says, instead of a folding top, they will possess a detachable roof panel. And, also lightweight versions of both the Gallardo and the Murcielago are safe to come soon. Taking the image of the Italian Audi division into account, they are expected to become uncompromising radical sports cars, conceived to surpass any Stradale or GT3.

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