After years of being absent, Munich is back to the segment of luxurious coupes now. With the all new 6-series, the Bavarian premium automaker offers an ingenious mixture of comfort and dynamic, in accordance with the core values of the brand. With the 333bhp engine, the 645i is already sufficiently powered, for a luxury Grand Tourismo, and 5.5 seconds for a 0-100km/h sprint is a decent rate to compete with any other convenience-focused coupes. The implantation of the M5 motor will certainly enable the Bavarian 2-door car to play in the league of purebred sports cars too. Thus it probably reaches the acceleration times of the Gallardo or the new Ferrari 430. Because, BMW's 10 cylinder motor generates respectable performance, in numbers: 507bhp.

Nonetheless there's an even more powerful version in preparation. With a fair degree of certainty, a second generation 10-cylinder power plant will be launched in the next years. Its crank shaft will revolve a few times more than the current 7750 rotations per minute of the recent stage. Regarding the latest information, the motor is going to reach a maximum rev rate of approximately 8300rpm. Thus, the crank mechanism transfers about 550 ponies to its vehicle's wheels. The question is: Which one will be the first to be powered by this engine. Of course, the coupe has priority to the 5-series sedan but, BMW considers another option. Reducing the weight of the 6-series, Munich could come out with a real Ferrari killer - unless the Ferrari is called 'Enzo', of course.

By the use of lightweight materials and the renunciation of features a super sports car doesn't necessarily need, the Six will lose significantly more mass than those few grammes of the additional CSL badges it will certainly get. Also, the M GmbH's laboratories are going to pay special attention to lateral acceleration. As M GmbH boss Herr Bruhnke recently said, the most feasible, usable potential is still hidden within this area. This surly refers to all forthcoming models but an M6 CSL would receive the most radical, most comprehensive chassis revision, sacrificing driving comfort to the benefit of astonishing cornering speeds.

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