Apart from this story, there naturally is a lot to say on that SUV. Most striking modification is the add-on parts, no doubt. Thus it is full 8cm wider than the original vehicle. The extended body enables the use of TechArt's 5-spoke wheel in 10x22inch. Actually this is no extra wide size for a car of this kind but the rim is a real looker, just as the Magnum itself. Tyre's dimension is 295/30. One detail that catches the eye like no other is the front bumper. Three big air intake apertures add an even more aggressive appearance to this Cayenne.

At the Essen Motor Show we've seen the mighty Sports Utility Vehicle in the metal and convinced ourselves that it looks as awesome as the beast that slumbers under its hood is. By the way, this part is another highlight that also is amongst those things unique to the Magnum version. Two striking embossments with gills at their outer sides give hint to what is hidden under the lid. Not only the tuner offers two performance upgrades of 360 and 380bhp for the Cayenne S, fitted with an aspiration motor, TechArt even starts up the 450bhp Turbo model.

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